A Green-Energy Elevated Transport System That Saves Lives & Biodiversity

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Ground Based Transport chokes the atmosphere & heat-kills Earth’s life, by trillions of cuts and billions of exhausts.

Earth’s limited fossil fuel drives this Vicious-Cycle-System which, once exhausted, leaves no good way to Transport goods or people.

My heavy-payload pole-supported system ‘Transports’ humanity into a nature-friendly Virtuous-Cycle Paradigm. Track-top Solar powers my globally approved patent (US9320941B2) . Toroidal Wheel Drive (TWD), with prototypes proving the concept (see video).

… design enhances biodiversity & human lives, using a novel solar-green-free-energy Transportation system.
… strong traction creates energy-efficient autonomous heavy payload transit, at any XYZ angle. Energy to charge 120 cellphones lifts a 182 kg load to 68M. Not anti-gravity, but close.
… level-loads Peak-Energy demand, therefore likely the most efficient payload lift method.
… are self-braking.
… are track-guided and self-driving, preventing accidents.
… has 100% uptime, perfect for emergencies.
… leaves nature alone, boosting biodiversity.

Low Energy hanging-track transport is proven in meat packing, where tons of steer carcasses move easily by hand. Differing Payloads can fork into TWD (TWDP). TWDP engages during track ascension, where its 3+ drive bands encircle pipe for maximum traction, lift power, & safety through drive redundancy. A pivot arm assembly gravity-hangs through the slot along the side of the vertical pipe-track, keeping the smooth-riding payload always level to ground (TWD_Overhead_20190630.jpg).

Ascending to heights up to 68+ meters - well above nominal tree canopy, TWD follows a short transition curve into a near-horizontal pipe-track. The track slot at bottom, permits infinite track branch-ons and offs. TWD then decouples into Dual Safety Catch mode. TWDP’s pipe-interior wheel assembly takes over to coast long horizontal distances to a lower height, along a 2°-3° guided decline (TWD_Side_20190630.jpg), and clearing pipe supports by tripping a spring-catch to allow temporary pass-through. Stairstep-like cycles repeat above the tree-canopy following the terrain over mountains, valleys, waterways, etc. to final destination. The track top, loaded on its full length with solar panels, is above the tree canopy for maximum solar gain. Energy is transferred via an interior hot rail into batteries, charged for day & night climbs.

TWD will be manufactured using existing wind tower tech - nothing exotic - minimal Research and Development brings it into fruition. TWD self-constructs using built track to set the next section’s pole and cross pipe beams. Construction costs are only 10% of road building, & 1% the cost of subways.

TWDP eliminates fossil fuel transport and destructive roads, parking lots, etc., thus cleaning the air, restoring forests & biodiversity to reverse Global Warming.

Ongoing, TWD involves minimal energy, pollution, or maintenance costs, yet has unlimited traffic capacity. This capacity & small ‘footprint’ means access poles can network to ‘a market of everyone’s’ destinations. “The internet of Real Things” becomes reality, maximizing lifestyles with egalitarian supply & waste-handling. TWD’s smooth ride makes feasible reusable-container single-item-shipping from factory to home. The pipe-network can transport flow products, such as water and electricity, inside.

This award will prove out scale models, thereby building a case for an implemented.



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    Ross Garside
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    IT Consultant, E-M Patent Holder
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    Excel, Cube-based Databases, Solidworks
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    Uplifting things, Sci/Tech, Meals on Wheels Treas.
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    www.rfcx.org , www.progrock.com
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    I have visited both Cumberland Gap and Boonesboro, KY.
    Daniel Boone blazed the first wagon transport trail across the Appalachians, opening up the West.
    He did it by clearing hundreds of thousands of trees and stumps, bridging creeks, finding or creating level ground for his road, and determining safe river crossings.
    He did it all wrong, and his pattern is repeated wrongly throughout the globe.
    He should have found my way to go OVER all of that, to avoid the nature destruction now threatening the existence of life on Earth today.
    We need to let nature go back to how Boone found it, and build transport my way now, to hopefully save the Earth in time.
    That is my priority inspiration, among many others that can use my Patented method.
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