Simple, Low Cost, 'Zero-Emissions,' Fuel Agnostic Engine Technology

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The Major Problems:
➤internal combustion engine [ICE] and turbine/engine exhaust pollutes, destroying the environment and heath of all living things incl. premature death
➤ICE are fuel inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time, resulting in high amounts of pollutants and CO2 emissions
➤Most municipal/crop/farming/forest waste is buried or dumped in oceans which pollute water/aquifers/air. 8MM tons of plastic winds up in the ocean yearly upsetting the eco-system to almost irreversibility. Micro-plastics are now found in all marine life which threatens massive extinction and negatively effects people who consume fish

The Solution:
For the foreseeable future internal-combustion-engines [ICE], hybrids and turbines will still be the go-to solutions.

Using a novel air cycle and few simple relevant components, the 'Zero-Emissions' fuel agnostic engine technology slightly modifies existing engine head architecture to completely burn ANY gaseous and liquid fuel, including gasified coal & municipal/crop/etc. waste and can switch on-the-fly between them, producing significantly higher, uniform/constant ultra high efficiency and torque at ALL time/speeds/operating-regimes with ultra low heat/noise output [by over expanding the gasses] w/o costly/complex Variable Compression Ratio, Variable Displacement or Variable Valve Timing like and others & w/o turbo/superchargers which everyone is now employing or costly after-treatments like catalytic converters.

It has a built in hybrid capacity w/o weigh/cost/hazard penalty and charging time & range anxiety/limitations of electrics. Impossible to smell it operating and is near-silent with twice the fuel efficiency of conventional engines in real world driving cycles. Nothing but lower CO2, but w minimally processed bio-fuels or hydrogen this is a zero-sum event. Retrofits are possible❗❗❗ Pollution, Waste & Climate Change problems solved...over night w/o major engine manufacturing & infrastructure changes❗❗❗

Tested and verified by by three major OEMs and more.

Is it disruptive tech? (▀̿̿ ʖ▀̿ ̿) From our perspective the ONLY question remaining is who will do the disrupting and who will get disrupted.

And that's just the start.


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