Eye Doctor App

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This project is about building an app that monitors the number of hours your eyes have spent looking at a screen in every smart device like smartphones and computers to prevent your eyes become ill that could result in permanent blindness caused by spending too much time on screen. This is done by integrating the front camera of computers and smartphones with AI software that monitors the system. The front camera is used to detect the lens of the user and identify based on the registration of the lens identity. Meaning first the end user registers by letting the software scan his/ her eye lens and since we have unique eye lens this will be used for the camera identify each one of us. Then the AI software will tell us when to stop spending near screen by analyzing how much we have spent on our phone or computers comparing to doctors recommendations in 24 hours.

This app will be easy when we are using on our own phone and personal desktop or laptop because the phone and laptop already knows our lens identity but what happens when we use some other phone or computers which is not ours. When the app reaches its climax performance, it works on line and the data of our lens will be stored on line and whenever the camera of any smart phone detects our eye lens it starts time and warns us if we have spent too much time on screen.

Nowadays all of our work require using of computers and plus we use our phones for different things and it seems that we spend more time seeing screens than anything else. There are apps which are designed to limit the amount of time we use on our phone like moment app by running the background and tracking where you are when you're futzing about with your phone. But this does not account using someone else’s phone using a laptop of work and other smart devices. This project will help us design a global law on limitation how much time will workers spend on screen and so on. Note that the app could use facial recognition but there are many peoples who cover there face culturally or for religious reasons and this app accounts those peoples.

Currently, this project is at the idea stage and I have started writing the source code but I am in the middle of getting from https://www.topcoder.com for a possible partnership. To my best of knowledge, this is new approach on integrating eye-tracking with screen usage time monitoring.

For more information https://www.globalinnovationexchange.org/innovation/eye-doctor-app


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