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People spend lots of time when going shopping. This is because manufactured clothing are made in limited sizes and customers get the cloth they fit if they are lucky and if they like the clothing and many other factors.

This is a mechanism is for end users to get notified when there is a nearest clothing they will like and fits. This is done by using an AI tech. First, the end users enter their size in an app with pictures of themselves with relevant data that determines their body posture. Then the AI calculates all of their body sizes, postures and makes a calculation of their body shape 100 accurately. Then the AI software gathers data from the nearest place or town of local store's clothing that fits the end user and provides alternative clothing by showing the end user the pictures of the end user wearing the clothes. And if the end user likes it, they will go to the store and try it. Since the AI software only shows clothes that only fit the client, it will not be a waste of the customer time. Also, the customer needs to update his picture and data on a regular basis with his/ her current clothing preferences so that the AI be up to date on end-user current need standard.

Note that the AI makes a virtual shape in its database of the end users near to 100 percent based on time and feed data of the customer.

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