Color-Optimization Beam for a Clear Picture Underwater

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Because of poor visibility due to water turbidity caused by planktons, suspended impurities, etc., undersea image enhancement has specific difficulties. More turgid water gives images more of a green hue.

This project is about using a different color beam to cancel the color green hue that makes pictures blur when taking underwater pictures. As stated by the client, when divers take a picture the green hue color found underwater will make the picture blur.

Red and green cancel each other as do yellow and blue. When red and green a mixed together the produce yellow, not reddish green. Further, when yellow and blue are mixed together they cancel each other.

Therefore by installing a red beam that can cover some diameter D, we can cancel the green hue. Then the combination of the two colors creates a yellowish colour. Since underwater naturally have a blue colour and since yellow and blue colour cancels each other, for the camera and human eye it will be clearer. So, this way the diver can see and take pictures without the green hue.

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