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The relation between producers and the society is simple. Producers manufacture products in order to profit from the product consumption from society. One of the problems is after consumption there will be waste or garbage. This garbage management is done mostly by government bodies. The garbage management may include recycling, turning the garbage in to power and so on. We often see street garbage bins holding garbage or waste above their holding capacity. This result in garbage or wastes dropping out of the bin and impose negative impact on the environment. This is because products have more number than the waste management or temporary holding capacity of garbage bins.

This garbage analysis software solves this entire problem. What this software does is that it calculates the amount and type of garbage there is in a specific place and time by considering or using an input data like the amount of products produced and stock available in the producers company, the statistics of usage or consumption of the society at specific place and different time, the statistics of usage or consumption of city service providers like restaurants, bars, shops and so on at specific place and different time and many factors that will affect type and number of garbage. This software is controlled by the garbage management body in order to think about how much holding capacity of garbage bin is needed in specific place and time, who is real contributor of producing highest garbage and that will aid to make them pay as much as they produce and so on. Since the software works online it collects data by itself from different sources that will avoid human interaction. Since production and consumption vary in different places and time depending on events, crisis, up and down and so on, the software need to work at all time and at all places.

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