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Plastic containers are mainly used for food, storage and for home organization. The main advantages of plastic include durability and cost. Most food products use plastic packaging because they are corrosion resistant, chemically inert, have a low thermal expansion of co-efficient and possess good thermal, electrical insulating property, very good water resistant and possess good adhesiveness.

In most plastic stored food products, you often see expiry date. Expiry date is the date after which a product (such as food or medicine) should not be sold because of an expected decline in quality or effectiveness. But aside from that, why really a manufacturer puts an expiry date on its product? To answer this quotation we need to understand the relation between producers VS consumers, Profit VS risk, bad product VS lawsuit.

A food product manufacturer manufactures X number of product for a society with Y number of population. Where X = Y + Z, the Z is an excess number of the product that the manufacturer takes risk if by chance his/ her product sells. Since the manufacturer will put an expiry date on his/ her product, he/ she will avoid lawsuit knowing that his/ her product will be placed at stocks at shops or whatever because of production of excess products comparing with the number of customers. This will result in manufacturing bigger number of packaging plastics that are way above needed. And when products expire, they are disposed with the packaging products which are plastic wastes which have not been even used.

This project is about solving this problem. By developing an app that connects manufacturers production with their customer need, we can avoid or minimize excess production which results in excess production of goods. This means to say a community of 100 peoples uses a product that uses plastic packaging and the 100 peoples tell the manufacturer that they will probably use a to b number of the producer's product this month. This will help the manufacturer plans his production, avoid the risk of expiry, maximize manufacturer profit and most importantly reduce unnecessary waste of plastic packaging.

I am doing a numerical analysis of usable products VS expired products that are packed with plastic packaging which harms the environment when it ends up in the garbage. You will surprised when you see the numbers.

I know there are professionals who do this kind of analysis but the result is more of estimation than the actual number. The software receives orders from customers at a regular basis and this is tangible and hard data which you can trust and more importantly, it is not an estimation.

Any professional who is on that field will tell you that their calculation is more of range or estimation than the actual result. And if they can get something that will tell them how many numbers of customer uses how many numbers of there product, their job will become free of errors and unaffected by events.

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