PC Damper

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This project is about building a low cost personal computer or a laptop damper to prevent damage when the laptop falls to the ground. This is done by installing four small structures as seen in the diagram. The four structures are fixed in all four edges of the laptop. The structures have very low weight and each has a small spring that will absorb the force of impact when the laptop falls to the ground. As seen in the figure when the laptop is closed, it cannot be damaged if it falls on any side because all spring dampers cover all the 10 possibilities of falling on the laptop. Also, note that the damper structures have minimal height and weight and can be attached and detach easily at the will of the user.

When the pc is open the structures which cover the upper body of the laptop will be opened at the same angle with the upper part of the laptop. This is because the cover also has hinge as the laptop has. The damper structure found at the back will remain at same angle with the upper body of the body which is opened at some angle but the front part of the damper structure will be opened at moment when we open the pc but since it has hinge it will go back to its original position protecting the pc body where the keyboard is found. When the pc is opened the pc damper will not guarantee the safety of the laptop if it falls at any position but it guarantees that the part which contains the hard drive and the board will be safe if it falls at any possible angle. This will help us that if by mere chance or pc is damaged badly, we will not lose our data but the screen might get damaged. This means the hard drive and circuit board can be protected in all 6 possibilities of falling side.

For more information please visit https://www.globalinnovationexchange.org/innovation/pc-damper


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