Automated Sediment Collection Mechanism of a Dam

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This project is about an automated sediment collection for a dam that is one of the biggest challenges of hydropower enegineering. The main problems that are shown on a dam concerning sediment are that it is very difficult to manage sediments once they are at a low level. This is because sediments have high weight and they are bulky to manage. The first problem is how do you remove them in the first place. This can be solved by installing an artificial bed in the bed of the underwater ground which is connected to a cable that is attached to an automated crane. When a sensor detects weight change it automatically starts and the strings attached to a pully brings the artificial bed upward. This way the sediments are collected and removed before they have a chance of becoming settle before it has a high weight. This is done regularly and without the need of man involvement. There can be much concern raised like the weight of sediment but the crane is not one in a single dam, but multiple cranes for specific areas depending on the dam. After the collection has taken place, it would be easy to manage and removed sediment can be used for different purposes like construction, agriculture and so on. The following diagram shows the process in a simple manner and the full design is given once the project is accepted. The project is very cost wise, realistic and can be very reliable.

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