Automated Apartment Air Bag

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Ever since I saw the 'Hero' Malian migrant who saved a child from Paris balcony building, I was inspired to build a mechanism that can prevent or save peoples who fall down from a building automatically. The best method I could come up with so far is an automatic airbag installed at bottom of buildings on side of the building where there is a window or a balcony which peoples often fall on purpose or not. The detection of a falling person is done by installing closely assembled multiple laser rays installed on each floor of the building in the side where the airbag is fixed. When each laser at each floor detects an object falling it will automatically signal the airbag to activates. Then the airbag activates based on the signal from the laser and since the airbag has partitions, it activates based on the area detected by the laser. There can be many false positive stimulations of the mechanism like if birds are in the way of the laser, the laser assumes someone is falling but since the airbag only activates when all the laser rays which are installed at each floor give it a sign, there is a safe mechanism for unnecessary activation of the airbag. The design has been completed and soon will be uploaded for copyright reasons.

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    Anteneh Gashaw
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    Catia and autocad
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