Smart Cup for Parkinsonism

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Parkinsonism is a group of chronic neurological disorders characterized by progressive loss of motor function resulting from the degeneration of neurons in the area of the brain that controls voluntary movement. All types of Parkinsonism are characterized by four main signs, including tremors of resting muscles, particularly of the hands; muscular rigidity of the arms, legs, and neck; difficulty in initiating movement (bradykinesia); and postural instability. A variety of other features may accompany these characteristics, including a lack of facial expression (known as “masked face”), difficulty in swallowing or speaking, loss of balance, a shuffling gait, depression, and dementia. Peoples who suffer from Parkinsonism cannot drink fluid without any assistance and it is impossible for them to do it by themselves even for people who suffer from Parkinsonism at early stage.

This project is about building a cup for peoples who suffer from Parkinsonism and cannot drink fluids by themselves. This cup will enable them to drink fluids without the help of anyone without any problem. The cup has three partitions which are the lower compartment, the middle compartment and upper compartment. The lower part is where the handle lies and is grabbed by the person who suffers from Parkinsonism. At this section the vibration generated by the person is at its peak. But since the middle compartment is made up of light material spring and inside of it there are fluids that cancel out the horizontal movement, as you go up the vibration is reduced to zero. That means that each level of the spring move horizontally opposite direction canceling the shaking cup that cones from the bottom part of the cup. This will help the upper partition have zero vibration and gives the person static cup for drinking any fluid. But in order for this device to work perfect the person using it needs to hold the cup only from the bottom part, if the person holds the middle part it will not do much. The middle partition also has paper like low weight material covering the spring mechanism to avoid leakage of the fluid. In order to make the fluid stable, the cup end or the fluid bottom starts in middle of middle partition or from the upper partition and the height of the middle and lower partition is much smaller than the model drawing.

The mechanism is simple and very cost wise because there is no too high tech about it and suitable for mass production.
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