Eternal Energy Electric Device

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Harvesting energy efficiently is of paramount importance to maximize energy production efficiency. In order to produce energy freely I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research.

How it works: Rotor coils rotate counter clockwise reaction of that makes permanent magnet rotor rotate in clockwise direction. This motion of permanent magnet rotor causes reaction in outer rotor in clockwise direction which causes a current generated in outer coils.

The energy that produces electricity comes from reaction (Newton’s third law). Every electric motor has reaction; this reaction force is lost to move earth for a minuscule amount of distance, if motor is attached rigidly to earth by mountings. Famous examples of reaction forces in moving vehicle are, the front end of an accelerating car rises upward due to reaction forces from tire and road. Another example is in helicopters; tail end rotors are used to suppress the reaction of main rotor blades at top of helicopter which gives lift. Otherwise helicopter body will rotate in opposite direction of main rotor. In my concept this reaction force is used to generate electricity; this reaction force in general cases are suppressed by connecting to earth or applying opposite damping force.

If you consider 1N of force is applied on rotor, then 1N reaction force applied on the stator as reaction; since the stator is connected to earth in normal generators that 1N of reaction forces is used to move earth then the resultant movement of the stator and earth will be negligible. But in my concept; that 1N force rotates outer rotor with some angular velocity. That 1N reaction force is converted to electrical energy. The said 1N force will do same amount of work on inner rotor and outer rotor in opposite directions. This work done by outer rotor will generate electricity in outer most coils.

When an action takes place equal and opposite amount of force is imparted on other body. if bullet fired from gun has some force (F1) and another force (F2) in opposite direction is imparted to gun. If action force (F1) is acted on bullet reaction force (F2) is acting on gun both are independent. since conservation of momentum says if no external force is applied, momentum of a system of objects will conserve. velocity magnitude of gun is low since mass of gun is higher than bullet (momentum = mass X Velocity) but both gun and bullet has equal amount of momentum but in opposite direction. Main thing to remember is that Action force is acting on primary body (Bullet) then reaction force is acting on secondary body (Gun) .there is no way that action force and reaction force can act on same body say bullet. For example, a gun and bullet is connected to weight through a pulley as in figure and fired then both gun and bullet will pull up weight or do work. Thus we get double the work. If use clever mechanism like this we get get double.



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