Extreme Farming

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There are many factors that affect agriculture but the physical factor is the critical matter. Physical factors affecting agriculture are (i) climate (ii) soil and (iii) topography. Meaning temperature, the growing season, altitude, rainfall and wind are the most critical part of a good farming output and most plants are very selective on those factors preference for growing. Even if the land fulfills all the requirements, the output of crops depends upon the space of the land which the farming land fulfills factors like climate which is suitable for the crop.

This project is about solving the space problem in farming land in micro-farming and medium farming areas. This is done by roller farming as seen in the figure. The green box structures are intended to place the seed of the plants which the plants grow on. Planting the seed will be done at the bottom part which the box has the same height as the ground. Then, when the plants start to grow it will need sunlight and since the roller rotates all the boxes will have an x amount of time of sunlight in a day. Most garden vegetables require full sun, which is six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily. Plants that grow in partial sun/shade only need three to four hours of direct sunlight, while plants that thrive in shade need only two hours of sunlight daily. So, all the plants will get this amount of sunlight per day. As seen in the figure the overall space for the above design is 484 by 1058.143 and the single plant box is 300 by 400 and there are 8 of them. This will save space from 1.9 to 2 times.

The mechanism will be run by electric power and for counties which do not have electric power problem and have an agriculture space problem, this mechanism is perfect. Note that Planting, Weeding, Harvesting and other farming work are done easily when the box structures are at bottom level one by one because they will reach the same level as ground and when the mechanism is in large scale even tractors can enter on the box. There will be initial investment cost but the return will be in a very short period of time. Also, note that since the boxes are attached to rotator on bearing mechanism all of the boxes will maintain their center of gravity at all time. Meaning they will rot flip when rotating. This mechanism is also useful in space farming because generating a large amount of crop in a small farming area is critical in space.

For more information https://www.globalinnovationexchange.org/innovation/extreme-farming


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