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At this point, awareness of plastic is not an issue. The critical point is proposing new ways to replace, manage and dispose of plastic material that is used for a different use. One of the widely used plastics is plastic bottle packaging. This packaging helps plastic bottles be easily manageable for storage and transportation. But as you surely noticed those plastic packaging end up in landfills as they are easy to manufacture.

This project offers a new type of packaging plastic bottles so that plastic packaging will be omitted. This mechanism is very simple less cost and do the task. The device is using hard plastic belt type mechanism to hold the plastic bottles together. Since the bottom part of the plastic bottle is made to fit the upper-end cup, it will be very easy to store and transport. The belt has a lock mechanism and can hold very tight. Since the belt is reused again and again, once some limited number is manufactured by collecting from stores and shops it can be used again.

This will be the future of packaging.

Note- that the term belt means, a rectangular non-deformable hard plastic that has a lock mechanism. The rectangular plastic will hold the bottles tight to each other.

I am planning to manufacture the belt and sell the product to beverage manufacturing companies, this way we can increase the advantage of beverage manufacturing companies because they will not spend the time, money and resources to manufacture the belt. My company's role will be the manufacturing of the belt and distributing to beverage manufacturing companies. This way the beverage manufacturing companies do not have to worry about collecting the belt, if the belt breaks down, thrown out carelessly and so on. My company will do this all for some fee which is less than manufacturing the packaging or the belt. My company will buy the belt if the belt is in a good condition from stores or shops. If the product is at an individual level, peoples can sell the belt to shops and then the shop can sell back to my company.

The market is going to be global and I am going to manufacture it in Ethiopia and distribute it all over the world. By using an agent in all countries my company will arrange the same procedure as in the headquarter. The manufacturing process is simple, using a mould, we can manufacture the rectangular belt in a different size. The collected belts can be melted to make new ones.

The product will not be thrown out carelessly into the environment because no matter the belt is damaged or not my company will buy it, less value for the damaged belt.

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