Cone Solar Panel

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Energy is one of the main currencies in our world. One of the sources of energy is solar power. Since it is a renewable power source, countries all over the world are adopting it primarily among wind power, geothermal and hydropower. Scientists all over the world are always desperate to find ideas on a new power source and increase the efficiency of the existing ones. This project proposes a new concept on increasing the performance of solar panels by utilizing photons better than the existing solar panels. The current (flat) solar panels efficiency is very small compared to the space they take and cost spent on manufacturing and maintenance. Basically, solar panel work using sun rays to produce electric power but the problem is that most of the sun rays are reflected back to the atmosphere. The new solar panel (Cone solar panel) is a conical shaped solar panel. This helps the solar panel reflect the sun rays in its own surface or panel. This helps the solar cells utilize the photons more effectively. This will result in more power output than the existing ones using the less cost as the flat panel and less surface area for operation. This project will impact the world in every way when it reaches its climax. It solves electric power problem, the cost associated with solar panel, saves space from solar panels and could become one of the best inventions of the decade.

There have been many studies on power generation from reflected sun rays from mirrors. All of them got very promising results. Scientists conducted the research on building mirrors, static and dynamic mirrors and every mirror that could reflect sun rays but their intention is not similar to mine. Their objective was getting more efficiency from solar panels by reflecting sun ray from many mirrors into one solar panel. They have succeeded but it is not feasible because of the higher cost to manufacture the mechanism, higher cost for operation and the fact that it requires manual labours to clean the reflecting mirrors. My invention bases on working principles of a successful project adopted on solar panel itself. Which means my initial assumption was since reflected photons from mirrors are proven to be usable, there are no reasons why photons reflected from mirrors installed in (upper) solar cells should not be used again. Therefore the idea is basically based on working principles or already proven theory but different approach and intention for the operation of solar cells. Currently, the project is ready for large scale prototype but due to lack of funding opportunity, I am forced to be stack. If I get funding or opportunity to collaborate with other scientists there is a doubt that the project will succeed. My future vision for this business is seeing this invention solve the problem worldwide and make money in the process.

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