Saving the Elephants

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An elephant tooth is one of the biggest illegal market in the world and it is one of the main reasons why there are illegal killing elephants. So far it has been difficult for the world to trace this market and destroy it completely because the market is done in secret and it is very hard to stop illegal hunters because most of them use different sophisticated methods. And while we are working to figure out a way for the elephants to be safe, illegal hunters keep killing one elephant that only gives only two pieces of teeth.

This project is about proposing a method that kills this illegal market by irradiating the selling product because if there is no product to sell, there will not be a market. What if when elephants reach at a certain age we legally cut off their teeth and replace it with a material that will functions as the same as we replace human bones with titanium? This way the elephants will be safe because the illegal hunters are only attracted by the bone and there will not be any need for killing elephants if they do not have any. Obviously the main concern of this replacement material functionality and if engineering will answer this, it will save the life of all elephants in the world.

So this innovation is a structure that can replace the function of teeth of elephants to save their lives from elephants poachers.

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