Anti Theft for Examination Papers

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Securing the examination paper is very difficult for many counties which do not use electronic examination. This is because there are too many places that the exam will have the risk of being stolen. The low economy and lack of integrity of peoples involving the process of the examination are fooled for getting benefits by selling exam papers for students. The first risk is when the exams are being printed because you may trust the printing company but not the person printing it and arranging the printed exams. The second risk is storage and shipment because you may trust the process but you can never know who might steal the papers or copy them.

This project is about introducing a low-cost exam anti-theft mechanism that will ensure thieves will not steal the exam papers. The main problem with the current exam papers is that all the information of the questions is in one paper. Meaning even if the exam papers are separated in a different code if a thieve gets one paper he/ she will have all the questions. But this project proposes printing a single paged question paper which has half the information on white paper like seen in the picture and printing the other half information on 100% transparent material as seen in the picture. When students are taking the exam, they will place the transparent material on top of the white paper and they can see very clearly all the information of the exam as good as a single page. But since the white paper and transparent material which each have half information of the exam papers are printed and shipped separately by two independent parties, it is impossible for thieves to know all the information. This will increase the safety of the exam papers 50% - 90%.

First the all the questions are written in Microsoft word and after finishing, we point out critical information of the questions and apply font colour to white. This page will be printed on the white paper. At this page half, the information cannot be seen. Then we select all the information except the one that has been hidden in the white paper and apply a white font colour. This will be printed on transparent material. And at this transparent material, the other half information cannot be seen. After finishing the editing process we send the two half questions to two independent printing contractors and the exam will be safe that none of them will have no idea what they are printing because they do not have the complete information. After the printing process is done the storage and transportation will be done separately and independently by two unknown parties.

I would like to invite Microsoft to endorse the project because it cannot be done without a word. I saw this problem and developed the solution in Ethiopia; the main targeted proposal is to the Ethiopian government.

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