Smart Border Wall

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Illegal immigration is very critical matter in many countries and there have been many technological attempts to block or monitor illegal immigrants like using drone and sensors. But none of them are found to be reliable so the most technologically advanced country is building a wall which is the oldest technology humans created. But this wall structure whether it is metal or concrete has its drawbacks. Metal structure wall can be cut with home tools and concrete can be destroyed with acid. Since the wall are built in remote areas illegal immigrants has the time to operate on the wall to get in the country. So no matter it is strong it can be bypassed as seen in the second picture which is a wall built in USA cut by home tool. So the main question is how do you know when an illegal immigrant starts to operate on the wall? This project answers this question.

This project is about building a mechanism that can be used to know when an illegal immigrant starts to operate on the border wall. This can be achieved by making the wall closed cylindrical metal that is connected by small valve or cylindrical structure and the walled is filled with water. The mechanism has pressure gauge at station which will be electronically monitored. When the illegal immigrant starts to operate or start cutting the metal the water will leak no matter how they cut it. This will result in lower reading in the gauge at station or pressure variation will be detected and border officers will be aware and go to the site. Since the gauge can know at which is lower pressure is detected the officers will have good information on where to go. This mechanism has lower cost because the metal installed is hallow which has less cost than the current shaft metal, less time consuming for border officers to supervise and the mechanism is low tech. Note that at this mechanism the wall does not need to have higher strength because, it does not matter if the wall is strong or weak, they will cut through it but this mechanism offers by building a low cost and relatively weaker wall, we can prevent illegal immigration by getting warning mechanism when the wall is being damaged.

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