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The main problems of end users in the alcohol industry is when specific volume of alcohol is consumed within period of time that is shorter than recommended value of volume of alcoholic drink per specific time. Different alcoholic drinks have different alcohol content depending up on the type and brand of the alcoholic beverage. This variation of the alcoholic beverages leads to the difference in recommended consumption rate. But we often see peoples abusing this recommendation and drink alcoholic beverages that have high alcohol content within very short period of time instantly.

This project is about building an electronic weight sensor that is used as Coaster placed on tables at bottom of the bottle/cup holding the beverage to monitor the consumption rate of drinking alcohol by reading the weight difference per time and display warning signal when end user exceeds the consumption rate of the recommended value. Meaning the device have weight measuring sensor/ high precision load cell, programmable timing board, LED light display and a Lithium battery that are connected with simple electronic circuit with a cover to place the cup or bottle holding the alcoholic beverage. When we place the bottle on top of the device, it automatically measures the total weight of the bottle with the beverage and deducts the weight of the bottle since the data is already fed to it and know the weight of the beverage. As we drink the alcohol, its weight decreases and every time we drink and place the bottle on the device, it measures the difference in weight and count time starting from the first weight difference of the bottle. This will enable the device monitor the weight difference over time. Then the device will compare this data to the recommended consumption rate of weight per time set by the programmer and display a signaling light. Meaning, when the weight of the bottle is decreasing as per recommended value of time, the device shows continuous green light. But when the weight of the bottle is decreasing faster than the recommended time, the device switches to continuous red color until the time brings consumption rate to recommended value. The device also has a reset button when the end user order new drink and the device start over the process again. Since there is a switching mechanism/ switch button on the device from one brand of drink to another, the end user can switch the device’s algorithm based on the type and brand of alcoholic beverage he/ she is drinking. This will make the end user be self aware on his consumption rate because he/ she and others can see the light difference.

This electrical system is powered by a very small rechargeable battery system that can be plugged anywhere at any time. This device can serve multiple functions as most bars and restaurant have bottle placers to avoid spillage of beverages on the table. It can serve as a decor in clubs and other places because it has lighting system.


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