Cane Glove vs COVID-19

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At this point the awareness for prevention of transmission of the Coronavirus is not an issue; the main problem is the efficiency of the implementation process. Many countries are in full lockdown while some are in partial and other is business as usual in terms of social isolation or social distancing. This is because while social isolation is the best way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it is not practical for all because many societies with resource can survive the social isolation but for poor communities this is not an option because they need to get out of home to feed themselves. One of the main disadvantageous people is physically disabled peoples with no resources like blind people. If you are a blind person with no resource to support yourself during the lock down, it is important for you to go out of your home just as important as staying at home. And when a blind person goes out of his/ her home, one of the main tools he/ she use is his/her cane for everything. The main working mechanism of cane is creating sound via contact with surface which has a very big chance of capturing coronavirus in surfaces.

Blind person rely on their cane for almost all their activities while traveling and since the cane have big exposure to surface than any other tool we all use, it’s likely that the cane will carry micro particles like coronavirus just like our hands. When people who carry the cane come home they will expose the people at home increasing risk of transmission. This project is about building a tube like structure cane glove which is used to coat blind’s cane they install when they go out and remove at door when they come home to prevent the spread of the coronoavirus. Meaning, this cane glove will be made same as standard material used for hand gloves that will not allow micro particles like the coronavirus pass in to the cane. Since the material is elastic, it will hold is structure irrespective of the diameter of the cane. When the people want to go out of their home they simply put the cane gloves on and remove it when they return at their gate before they enter their home. This will reduce their risk of transmission big time because the cane will have high chance of carrying the coronavirus.

Since blind person’s cane touch surfaces of the outdoor and indoor more than any material we use, it have big exposure to the transmission of the coronavirus. When this device enters in the home it also have big chance that it have direct contact with home equipment which will likely be touch by the person and every one at home this will increase the means of transmission big time.

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