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The main problem when people drink alcohol is over drinking situation. So, the main question should be how can we save people from over drinking in a very cool way that they do not reject it? This project answers this problem by providing a cool product that can limit the amount of alcohol a person can drink before the person reaches critical alcoholic overdose.

This project is about building a Puzzle Bottle that is used to drink alcohol that makes end users self aware on their mental status while consuming alcohol. The main objective of this product is making people who is drinking alcohol solve small puzzle to open their alcohol bottle to drink every time they order another drink. The puzzle is fixed in the upper part of the drinking bottle and if you cannot solve the puzzle it will not open. This puzzle does not test the IQ for normal person but if you are drunk beyond the limit you will not open the bottle and that is time to go home and sleep it off. This is perfect because one of the measures of level of our alcohol consumption is the level of our reasoning ability or thinking ability compared when we are at normal condition VS when there is an alcohol concentration in our body system. The more we drink alcoholic beverages, the less we think clearly. So this device allows you to know when you are really drunk and at what time to stop drinking before drinking another round that will make you sick at the moment and later in time. Imagine this bottle being served in every bar and restaurant as a standard alcohol serving tool to control over drinking of customers. This is the coolest product that is built to save lives. The puzzle should not be complicated and time consuming but if you are drunk beyond the limit, you will take too long to solve the puzzle and open the bottle. This will make drunken people give up and sleep it off and prevent over drinking situation.

This design has a very simple lock puzzle end cup that is time consuming to open when you are over drunk because it takes your clear vision ability and reasoning capacity to open the bottle. But if there is acceptable amount of alcohol content in your body, opening the bottle is achievable under 10 seconds at maximum. It only takes two steps to open puzzle bottle. This is because the locking mechanism has two parts. The first steps are turning the upper part of the end cup clockwise and detach the lock pin through the opening. The second steps are turning the upper part of the end cup anti- clockwise and detach the lock pin through the opening. This will be hard for very drunk person because for one it tests his/ her vision ability to unlock the lock pin and other to rotate the upper part of the end cup until the opening comes.


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