Fighting Micro Particles

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Most teabags are made from paper, with a small amount of plastic used to seal them shut. But some premium brands have switched to using greater amount of plastic mesh for their product instead. This is usually so that the tea bag held in a pyramid shape, which producers claims helps the tea leaves infuse better. The researchers removed the tea and placed the empty teabags in water heated to 95c or 203F, as if they were brewing tea. They found that a single plastic teabag released about 11.6 billion micro plastics in to the hot water. The particles are completely invisible to the naked eye. Since the paper bags are also very exposed to atmosphere and surfaces, it is likely that the outer surface of the tea bag can contain micro particles beside micro plastic that can definitely harm our health if ingested. You may ask won’t the temperature of the hot water kill the biological micro particles but you should also ask does your tea water is always very hot enough to kill micro particle when you insert the teabag?

This project is about manufacturing tea urbs in liquid form to be sold for end users in a sealed glass or plastic container that can be used either for single use or multiple depending up on the volume of the package. Then end users can boil x volume of water and dissolve y volume of the liquid form tea urb and drink their tea. This will completely avoid risk of micro particles like micro plastic to enter the tea cup and be dissolved in to the tea because there will not be any paper bag that contains micro plastic during the dissolving process and it will bring more comfort for the end users. The process of forming the liquid tea urb follows simple but critical steps which include raw material dilution, chemical preservation like milk and packaging. You may ask why the tea needs to be in liquid form and the answer is when the tea is in solid for we need the teabag for dissolving the tea in to the hot water but when it is in liquid form, it can be easily mixed with the hot water and there is no solid tea urb that can disturb you when you are drinking.

This product is going to be the future of tea industry.


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