Product Anti-alteration

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One of the main problems faced by alcohol industry is product dilution or alteration. Product dilution or alteration means a situation when people drink a bad alcohol drink that has been altered or diluted with different solutions after the alcohol drink has left the licensed legitimate manufacturer’s production line. The dilution process of the alcoholic beverage will be done depending up on the alcoholic beverage type and brand. The type and volume of the solution that is used to dilute the beverage also depend up on the type and brand of the alcoholic beverage. This dilution will cause big health risks and will lead to serious health issues and this will lead to mistrust on the original manufacturer of the product by the general end users. This is a global issue that needs to be solved quickly and luckily this project will be a great step towards solving the problem.

This project is about building an application software that enables alcoholic beverage end users report their experience on a map platform when they are being served a diluted or altered drink in a bar, club or any recreational places. Meaning the application has a map of a certain city tagged with bars, restaurants, clubs and other recreational place where alcoholic beverage is being served. Whenever any person believes he or she has been served with a diluted or an altered alcoholic drink in that place, he or she will report it in the application by stating the type of drink he or she is unsatisfied with. The application saves this data and when there is repeated report on similar complains, it reports local authorities to investigate. Since the application can also display the report to all the end users, people will be selective on where they drink and the owners of the recreational places will be forced to supply original alcoholic beverages to their clients. To avoid industrial sabotage by false reporting on competitive recreational place by owners, the application only allows you to report if your phone is on that place when you are reporting it and it will cross check with you payment for the service on your visa or credit card to check your credibility. So if you are thinking of sabotaging your competitor by signaling false signal on the application software, you need to drink and pay on that place per one signal or report and that is impractical for implementation financially.

So imagine application software that lets you see which bars or clubs have reputation of serving original drinks and which have reputation of serving diluted or altered alcoholic beverages, not based on the word of the owners but the general public end users rating. This will help the product manufacturer big time on ensuring that their product is reaching the end users untouched, undiluted and not altered. This will increase the trust of end users towards the manufacturers while ensuring the health safety of the end users.


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