Data Science in NFL

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There have been many great helmet designs for NFL players specifically to minimize the force of impact exerted by or on the players to prevent the players developing concussions. But what happens when player has an impact more than the helmet can protect? How do we keep track of the health of the head of the brain of the players? How do we know that the head of the player is in a risk of concussion before it occurs? This project answers this question by giving new concept helmet for NFL players to give new way of tracking the head health of players by using numerical impact monitoring mechanism to prevent head illness before it happens.

This project is about building a safe helmet for NFL players that will help them predict the possibility of developing concussion before it occurs by using numerical impact monitoring mechanism. This is done by installing pressure sensor inside the helmet to record the exact amount of NFL player take an impact force on every game and predict when he will start to develop health issue before serious damage is done on the player. It is known fact that NFL players develop head health issue either later in their life or on instant in the match. This is because there is a number of impact force limit that the head of the players can take and if the player passes that limit he will develop head illness. But usually we treat players when they are knocked out or feel pain but this is not smart. After a game if the player is fine that does not mean he is not developing head health issue. The accumulation of number of small impacts can cause serious head health issue. This helmet design can record the exact amount of force a player take during each game and this data is recorded by the club doctors to do data analysis and estimate the possibility of developing concussion before the player develops it saving the player’s life. This will help NFL create a policy for health of players making the organization responsible and save the organization from law suits and above all saves the life of the players.


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