Adjusting the New Covid19 Reality-Proposal for IAAF

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As we all know that because of the Coronavirus the world is in social isolation and this has disrupted life as we know it. One of the main disruptions caused by this crisis is delaying sport tournaments like athletics indefinitely until unknown date which is likely when the Coronavirus crisis is over. But many athletes will lose their extraordinary ability to achieve their mark in an environment where there is no tournament and training. Meaning the fact that athletes do not have a tournament to prepare for will affect their mental status which will affect their physical condition. Since they are also in isolation, their diet will not also be the same which will affect their performance in the future. Also, tournament is the only income for most athletes and without a tournament their lives will be affect big time. So we need to design a new way that can cope up with the new Coronavirus reality for athletics.

This project is about creating a virtual marathon and track tournament using a virtual running booth that have electronic track, weather adjustment and data linkage with all part of the world so that athletes have access to tournaments in social isolation. Meaning, the virtual running booth have an electronic track like ordinary devices used in a gym but it also have data linkage with a server that monitors the pace or speed of the runner. The server records the speed of the runner in every moment and displays a rank based on the speed of all participants at a specific time t. When there is a change of pace or speed in a specific participant higher or lower than opponents, the rank will be updated based on their speed each seconds. Since the rank screen will be in front of the participant at all time, they can adjust their running pace with controller on the electronic track based on their tactics. Since participants are from different part of the world and to even the weather, the booth will have same adjustments like humidity, temperature and so on. The tournament can be broadcasted via a camera installed in the virtual running booth and transmitted via the server for fans all over the world as if they are in a stadium and since they will have a live feed of every participant, the tournament will be excited as always.

This project is intended to be proposed for IAAF.


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