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Water is very critical for survival and that is why you hear often on water saving awareness and researches that could help on saving water from big consumption to small consumption in households. The problem of water wastage is not because of awareness because people know when they waste water, they just do not have a habit of saving them. One of the places where water is wasted big time is in household activities like washing your dishes, your hands, brushing your teeth and other similar activities that require us to use the sink multiple times in a very few period of time. On average, about two gallons of water flow from a faucet each minute. Something as simple as turning off the water while brushing your teeth can save up to three or four gallons of water per person per day. There has been a lot of research that brought a solution on water saving like a sink that makes water decision for them proposed by Stanford University by learning their washing style which I believe is very impressive but peoples are unpredictable all the time and their way of doing things differ based on many factors and if people were a machine this would be perfect product. So what the world needs is a technology that can bring a behavior change towards better management that saves water at household level.

This project is about building a smarter sink faucet that turn on and off if there is an object and no object between the faucet tip and the sink bed respectively. Meaning this smarter faucet is equipped with a distance sensor that measures the height between the tip of the faucet and the bed of the sink at all time. When there is an object between the tip of the faucet and bed of the sink whether it is a hand, a dish plate, cup or other material it automatically send signal for the valve to open. When the valve opens water comes out. Then automatically when the object is removed from the point between the tip of the faucet and the bed of the sink the distance sensor send signal to the valve to close the opening. Since we feed the data of the exact height between the tip of the faucet and the bed of the sink to the distance sensor it knows when there is an object and the object is removed in micro seconds. This will help on water saving big time because end users do not have to close once the water gate opens. When you brush your teeth, wash your face, shave your beard and doing other task, opening and closing the water gate is done on frequent times with in very short period of time and this is very unrealistic and it is easier for end users just to leave the water running until they are done. But this device will enable the end users save water without compromising their comfort.



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    I have dedicated my life for invention and research because not only I have big dreams but also it is my only way out of poverty. We all have a talent we know or did not find out yet. Mine happens to be inventing. I discovered this talent of mine when I was in second year student during my university life. Starting from that point everything seemed not important except creating new ideas. So, until now I have invented more than 50 inventions which are new to the world and the rest are intended for Ethiopia that will change the life of many people including mine. But because of poverty, theft and many reasons I could not manage to make it. But all that matter is I will never give up. I will invent until and after I become successful. That makes me a strong entrepreneur. My skills are aided with a mechanical engineering degree on design, production and sales expertise. You can find some of my inventions via https://www.herox.com/crowdsourcing-community/antenehgashaw-123126
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