Every Carbon Matters

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Many families across the world use open fires fueled by wood, charcoal or sometimes even plastic as their fire source for cooking, temperature regulation and other reasons. When this is done indoors it can be significantly damaging to health, especially for youth or elderly. For this reason most houses has a chimney or vent for the carbon to get out in the atmosphere. This will add more carbon to the environment that will increase the temperature of the earth on a cumulative standard while making the peoples safe from immediate health risk caused by carbon inhalation. But there are natural balance mechanisms that reduce the amount of carbon from the surrounding like plants but these natural counter balance mechanisms are not controlling it. So the modern technologies introduced new concept on artificial carbon sequestration and one of the carbon sorting technology is water emersion. If CO2 were to be injected to water reservoir bottom, the pressures would be great enough for CO2 to be in its liquid phase. The idea behind water injection would be to have stable, stationary pools of CO2 at the water reservoir floor. The reservoir could potentially hold over a thousand billion tons of CO2. There are other Carbon trapping mechanism but they lunch collection method which this project will solve.

This project is about building very lightweight tunnel, installed on powerline structures that connects chimney of every house to collect, transfer and store carbon in the form of liquid generated at home level. This concept has same ideology as distribution of water, electric and gas at homelevel. Since burned air carrying carbondioxide has lower weight it will be easy for the light weight tunnel to carry all the burned air from every houses and the transfer power will not require higher number of pump. The collected burned air will be transferred to local carbon sequestration site. In between every chimney and transport pipe line there will be a non return valve to avoid the carbon in the pipeline enters in to chimney of the houses. When the collected carbon dioxide reach the filtration site, it is sucked into a big tanker. The suction of the Carbondioxide into the container will generate pressure. Since carbon dioxide become liquid at greater pressure of 5.1 atmosphere, the system will force the collected carbon dioxide convert into liquid. But inorder for the carbon dioxide convert into liquid at pressure greater than 5.1 atm, it needs to have temperature between 31 degrees Celsius to -56.6 degree centigrade. Inorder to satisfy this condition we use water heat exchanger to reduce and stabilize the temperature generated by the high pressure. When these two factor met, the carbon dioxide will convert into liquid. Then we open the valve to remove and use it for other reasons.


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