Industrial Scale Electromagnetic Dust Management

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Reduction of energy spend and boosting of throughput is of paramount importance to maximize gas separation efficiency. Waste heat energy has a major role in cost of the separated gas. In order to reduce waste energy and thereby reduce cost and increase throughput I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.

Positive and negative Electric field is applied in front of two oppositely facing blowers respectively and dust passing through the electric field is excited and excited dust particle at middle aggregate and due to higher weight fall down

We have scaling parameters that cover particle-gas concentration velocities, lengths, electrostatic changes, temperature, interaction parameters, including collisions or chemical reactions. random thermal motion of aerosol particles constitutes a significant property of such bodies. The importance of the thermal agitation in the dynamics of single particles is reflected in the Brown ratio and the Schmidt number. The relative magnitudes of directed velocity particles, compared with diffusional spreading, is specified by Br. The relative importance of diffusion of vorticity (rotational motion in the gas), as contrasted to Brownian diffusion, is given in terms of Sc. The Brown ratio accounts for the influence of particle mass on diffusion motion. Thus, this parameter is about unity for molecular processes, and much less than one for aerosol systems. The ratio of a characteristic length of Coulombic interaction, to Debye's reciprocal length,The fact that this ratio, which was named earlier the Debye number, De, is always <<< 1 for aerosols allows the approximation that charged particles interact electrostatically virtually instantaneously.

Proof concept is mass spectroscopy, in mass spectrometry ions of different atomic mass is separated by magnetic field. The first step in the mass spectrometric analysis of compounds is the production of gas phase ions of the compound, basically by electron ionization. This molecular ion undergoes fragmentation. Each primary product ion derived from the molecular ion, in turn, undergoes fragmentation, and so on. The ions are separated in the mass spectrometer according to their mass-to-charge ratio, and are detected in proportion to their abundance. A mass spectrum of the molecule is thus produced. It displays the result in the form of a plot of ion abundance versus mass-to-charge ratio. Ions provide information concerning the nature and the structure of their precursor molecule. In the spectrum of a pure compound, the molecular ion, if present, appears at the highest value of m/z (followed by ions containing heavier isotopes) and gives the molecular mass of the compound. Using this mass selection technique, we can separate charged dust particles according to their size.

In the design of concept field ionization is used. Mixture of gas and dust are passed through high voltage field ionizing rods. Depending on the applied voltage and ionization potential of dusts in mixture. First dust with least ionization potential is ionized and magnets pull these ionized dust to anode mesh or cathode mesh according to dust size or weight to the inside of 3 hops.


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