Zero Fuel Marine Off Grid Houseboat

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Limitless solar electric power means zero fossil fuels or plugging into the power grid. Various fixed, tracking or out-folding of additional solar module designs assure power requirements are met. Integrated into the solar electricity to storage mix is the 'human oriented control system' that actually customizes power per the user(s) aboard the craft. This ideally suites the individual's personal preferences to their personal space or envelope via their bluetooth wrist band. Power is constantly swapped in and out of points of use to conserve energy.

Drive power, water making, waste composting, AC, refrigeration, communication, lighting security and system management are just some of the elements covered. That makes the MOG (Marine Off Grid) craft so very unique and incomparable to just hybrids, fuel cells and plug in craft. If need be, the MOG can be transported by highway as done with any standard fossil fuel boat.

The most common layout is for two people to live aboard full time. The 40 foot craft with a height of under 3 meters above water, 1/2 meter draft and 3.5 meter beam has ample space.

The boat can be designed for other tasks because of its highly modifiable power system. A wide array of battery, motor, solar and control systems are available for accepted marine integration systems on the market, many being plug and play.

Just to consider, east of the Mississippi River, there is about 7,000 miles of IntraCoastal Waterway having thousands more miles of tributary and estuarine waters to live in and explore.

Therefore the MOG brings with it the power to serve humans in far off places in a manner barely conceived, even by today's level of awareness.



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    Nearly 80% of the world's population is within 100 kilometers of maritime waters. Self power generating homes, small business, and clinics are needed by an environmentally aware population for daily living or during a crisis. The MOG Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS) boat can perform that task on the water or set on land, being fully transportable by highway also.
    These shallow water self generating powered boats are able to move at displacement hull speed, furnish adequate amounts of fresh made water, while allowing access to abundant food from air, land and water.

    No Totally Electric Powered Solar boat is currently in production that can support two full time live aboard people to include fresh water, waste composting, all energy generation, heating, cooling, drive and communications as does the MOG in the United States of America.
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