Candle’s Carbon Sequestration

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We all know that global warming is the biggest challenge we ever faced in our world. At this time awareness on global warming is not an issue but the challenge to solve this problem is. One of the main techniques scientists has come up with to solve the global warming is Carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is simply the extraction of carbon or carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to slow or reverse global warming through biological, chemical and physical processes. But Carbon sequestration is not enough and what we need is a mechanism that creates behavioral change on releasing minimum amount of Carbon on our day to day activities without compromising end users comfort or by adding value for end users to promote less Carbon emission to the atmosphere.

This project is about manufacturing a smart Candle holder that sequestrates Carbon while illumination and dispose the used wax properly. This is done by trapping the Carbon generated by the burning candle while it is giving service and use the heat generated by the burning candle to dispose the used candle wax. Meaning, this device have three parts which are the cover glass, the heat absorber and the holder/ disposer. The cover glass is made up of 100 percent transparent glass that passes light with great efficiency. This glass has holes for Oxygen to enter that help to light the candle because in order for matter to burn Oxygen is a requirement. This glass will trap the Carbon generated by the burning candle and this trapping mechanism will be visible with in some period of time or after some number of candle used which will make the cover glass ashy black. This will not be a problem because this glass is detachable and cleanable like any home equipment. The heat absorber is made up of a Copper which is the best heat conducting material. Good conductors of heat enables lose heat very easily because the heat spread through the metal and is uniformly distributed. This will help disposed the used wax on the candle holder by melting the wax to be dropped into the disposer. The holder/ disposer is the one which holds the candle and holds the disposed candle wax. The disposer can be detached then the wax is full to dispose it in a trash or some other disposing bin.


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