A Highly Reliable Standalone Remote Power Supply - Thermoelectric Generator (TMSG-DC)

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We have Indigenously developed our new innovative technology i.e TMSG-DC-200.

Thermoelectric Module Static generator DC Power TMSG-DC-200 is highly reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane. TMSG-DC-200 generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity. It does not contain moving parts, have extremely long lifetime and require minimal service. Ignition starts working automatically as soon as fuel pressure appears in fuel pipe connection. TMSG-DC-200 is meant for use as an electric direct current (DC) power and heat source as part of an autonomous power supply source (APSS). As the core part of TMSG-DC medium temperature thermoelectric module is applied. Best efficiency and reliability, based on modern technologies and know-how provide ultimate parameters. TMSG run unattended within one year in different climatic zones at an air temperature from -50℃ to +60℃ and relative air humidity up to 98%.

Our TMSG-DC is having applications in Offshore Unmanned locations, Remote Oil wells, Cathodic Protection of Pipelines, Motor operated valves etc. The load systems include RTU/SCADA Communications, Electrical & Instrumentation, Fire & Gas System , battery charging system, walky-talky system and Navigational Aids etc.

We recently successfully tested our product TMSG-DC-200 at Siachen Indian Army Base Camp for their military purposes which we want to expand to US Military services as well including Oil & Gas Market.

We are the first one in India and second in worldwide in providing thermoelectric generator that complies Oil & Gas Hazardous Specifications having USP as given below :

  1. More efficient (9%) as compared to existing solutions
  2. Specially Designed TMSG-DC in concern with Indian weather (High Humidity, Warmer Country +50 deg, Rain, Storm etc.)
  3. With smaller in size, weight and No separate GCS(Gas Conditioning System) in TMSG –DC as present in existing competitor product
  4. Commercially 40% cheaper than existing
  5. Regulating Mode saves gas input with feedback load increases efficiency
  6. Low operational maintenance as compared to existing foreign vendor solutions in Solar and TEG.
  7. lesser footprint used as compared to existing solutions in Solar & TEG
  8. After sales service low expenses
  9. Total weight of the system is 50% lesser than competitors TEG.
  10. Dismantling of product is possible on site unlikely in existing TEG
  11. Time required in installation is very less as compared to existing solutions.
  12. Reliable Proven Power source from Last 50 years
  13. Generates (24 X 7 X 365) Electricity output
  14. SKID Based Portable system
  15. No battery and steel structure
  16. No Moving Parts
  17. Once in a year Maintenance
  18. +25years Life expectancy
  19. Integrated power system upto(+10KW)



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    Vijay Mamtani
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    We are technocrats from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal and other prestigious institution having different expertise in business development, engineering, research & development, accounts, sales & marketing, academic institutions, incubators, DST (Department of Science & Technology), scientific professionals, shareholders with strategic investors makes our core team too strong & focus to achieve our vision & mission.

    Core teams consists of founders like VIJAY MAMTANI & DILEEP KUMAR who has previously founded & worked in this business segment having together more than 10+years of experience. Shareholder, Mr.Aditya Dixit with employee Mr. Jatendu has more than 8 years of experience in sales & marketing of products & services in B2G , B2B, B2B2C segments. Shareholder, Mr.Moiz Zaki , Ms.Divya Mehrotra, Mr.Saurav Sah, Mr. and Mr.Yash Vidhani has practical experience of field work in various industrial projects in manufacturing, production management, assembling, vendor management etc. Ms.Rashmi Singh and Mr. Prajwal has experience of machine learning which helps in aligning our company's activities considering factors for growing market in our Oil & Gas industry and its positions after 5 years. We have very good mentors & advisors from various industry like Mr.Avinash Kumar from ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation India) , Mr. Arvind Kumar GAIL India (Gas Authority of India Limited) , Mr. Naval Kishore Meena, BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) etc. Incubators like PDPU (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum Industry), Gujarat , BNest (Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation ) , ROLTA Incubation Centre MANIT Bhopal, SINE IIT Mumbai etc.

    We develop thermoelectric module static generator DC power for stationary and portable power applications, from tens of watts to tens of kilowatts.
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