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Business travel will continue to be initiated from high-rise buildings.

Every floor has an elevator stop from where people travel to the crowded ground level for horizontal transport. That is where congestion makes getting anywhere problematic.

Flyavator changes the concept. Instead of going to the ground level, the elevator system, attached to the outside of the building, receives passenger(s) in a capsule which takes them to the skyport where it interlocks with a waiting drone.

The capsule is light. All its propulsion system is provided by the building. Once securely connected with the drone the building lets go and the passenger(s) are flown to the airport or other destination. There the passenger(s) disembark, and the drone, with the empty capsule flies back to the building it came from re-attaching the capsule to the building’s elevator system.

The drone could be dedicated to the building or serve several structures but always returning the empty capsule to where it picked it up.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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