Novel Concept Technologies Enable God-like Features in Humans

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I have a dream to make humans god-like; by giving humans capabilities like god as described by Hindu sacred texts like telekinesis, shapeshifting, Maya display and levitation. I have made the inventions that will make this possible.

Diamagnetic materials can be repelled, (in a non-uniform field Diamagnetic materials are repelled from the region of greater magnetic field) and magnetic materials can be attracted by strong magnetic field.

Neurons in the brain can emit electric signals. Electric signal can produce an electromagnetic field. Thoughts can stimulate neuron to produce electric signals. Many small electromagnetic fields can be combined to produce a large electromagnetic field, by aligning the source of EM field. The brain contains billions of neurons. By controlling thoughts, it is possible to synchronously stimulate each neuron in brain such that EM field produced is perfectly aligned to generate a very strong EM field. This magnetic field can be used to attract or repel other objects. This is what is called telekinesis. By using this magnetic field to repel Earth, we can levitate (sand / silica is diamagnetic; non-uniform magnetic field from brain can repel Sand (Earth), thereby levitating the human body).

By combining electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy (mentioned elsewhere) with this concept, we can change the shape of our body and face by thought. by stimulating body and organ cells by this magnetic field in a controlled way, we can replenish and rejuvenate our body cells and live longer. Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) is required for the division of fibroblasts, a type of connective tissue cell; fibroblasts have PDGF receptors in their membrane binding of PDGF molecules to these receptors (tyrocsine kinases) triggers a signal transduction pathway that allows the fibroblast cells to divide. When an injury occurs platelets release PDGF in the vicinity. Resulting proliferation of fibroblasts helps heal wound. We can stimulate these receptors electromagnetically by modifying electromagnetic fields of the brain by controlling thoughts thus accelerating healing of wounds by thought. We can make skin as tough as steel by thinking by using electromagnetic forces of neurons to manipulate bonding system of proteins for a small period of time to prevent cuts and wounds. All these are controlled by our thoughts. We can cure viral diseases by thinking by producing electromagnetic field that stimulates the receptors on viruses to eject its DNA to fluids around body cells, virus and its body is thus destroyed. DNA of virus outside body cells do no harm. Maybe we can find proximity and location of viruses by electrochemical signals it produces.

So telekinesis, levitation, morphing the human body (shape shifting) and living longer; all these techniques are mentioned in Hindu mythology as practiced by ancient Hindu gurus (sanyasees) by controlling their thoughts must be true. So all those Hindu mythologies could be true. These ancient Hindu gurus control their thoughts by meditation and yoga.


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