New Power Lines Safety Mechanism

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There are many phenomenon either natural or human made that destroy public properties like power line poles and sometimes the combination of both reasons will also bring high destruction. Recent recorded phenomena that have been well known for destruction of those properties are vehicle accidents, hurricanes and flooding, construction, power line pole quality, land slides and earthquakes, and many others. Whenever there is accident on the power line pole caused by natural phenomenon, human made and/or both, it is obvious that when the pole drops to the ground from its initial erect position, all the wires which are attached to the pole will be stretched to the point of breakage or cut/ split. This is because the wires are fixed with the power line poles for the pole to carry the load of the power lines to hold the wires above the ground. When the power lines split from each other, power interruption occurs which also lead to big electrocution risk for all living things around the power lines because since the wire will be open to the environment without any coating, media like small moisture in the environment, conductive materials and others will play big role in harming peoples and animals in the electrocution accident.

Aside from these problems the other major crisis it brings is the pain on the sense of urgency for the power supply company to contain the accident within a short period of time because it will create many chain reaction problems especially if the accident has occurred in urban dense populated cities which will disrupt traffic flow, have big life risk and major power need for massive number of customers. This and other reason is an implication that indicates the level of pain it have on our economical, social and life necessity issue it brings when such accident happens.

This project is about building a new electric energy transmission mechanism that increases the performance of power line poles by avoiding power interruptions due to natural and human made phenomenon using a mechanism that decreases cost and ensures the safety for all living things around the power lines in comparison with the current technology. This is done by manufacturing a new kind of power line pole that detaches itself from the power line wires it is carrying when an accident happens on the pole that makes it lose its erect position. Meaning as seen in the following pictures, the top part of the power line has a hollow conical shape and on its top surface another conical shape structure is fitted inside of its inner surface without fixing them together. This fitted cone structure has a ring like structure with a hinge on one side and locking mechanism on the other which holds the power line wire. Between the two fitted cones there will be a lubricant that avoids friction at the moment of detachment.


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