Anteneh's Side Car Collision Diverter

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A side impact collision is also know as a T-bone collision or a broadside collision, and involves one side of a vehicle being impacted by the rear or front of another vehicle. It has been estimated that 25 percent of all car crashes involve a side impact collision. Of those collisions, roughly 27 percent involve passenger vehicle occupant death.

This project is about building a structure installed on the outer body of cars on the side doors that can divert the impact of a side collision to save lives in a vehicle accident. This structure is fitted with the left and right side of the vehicle and when a proximity sensor detects a vehicle approaching with x velocity at y distance from the car, it trigger a mechanical hydraulic system that makes the fitted structure act as a ramp for the incoming vehicle so that it divertes the impact force saving all the people in both vehicles.

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    I have dedicated my life for invention and research because not only I have big dreams but also it is my only way out of poverty. We all have a talent we know or did not find out yet. Mine happens to be inventing. I discovered this talent of mine when I was in second year student during my university life. Starting from that point everything seemed not important except creating new ideas. So, until now I have invented more than 50 inventions which are new to the world and the rest are intended for Ethiopia that will change the life of many people including mine. But because of poverty, theft and many reasons I could not manage to make it. But all that matter is I will never give up. I will invent until and after I become successful. That makes me a strong entrepreneur. My skills are aided with a mechanical engineering degree on design, production and sales expertise. You can find some of my inventions via
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