Anteneh's Jerry Can

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Do you know that people in many part of the world travel many kilometers carrying water jerry can every day or few times a day to bring water for drinking, cooking, watering their plants and many other reasons? If you are not aware, well you are about to be.

Water scarcity is considered to be one of the most important global risks for society. Global water demands are expected to increase in the future because of increasing populations, urbanization, and industrialization. In addition, aspects of climate change and anticipated increases in extreme weather events are expected to contribute to increases in the frequency, severity, and duration of droughts, which can exacerbate water availability problems. In an area where there is lack of water supply at home, people travel very far to fetch water. In almost all societies this task falls on the women. It is very common to see women carrying a 25 liter jerry can on their back or on their head and travel many kilometers from the source like river, lake or well to their homes. Describing how challenging it is can only be achieved if you try it yourself, but to give you an idea of the challenge:

The first problem is the concentrated weight of the 25 liter jerry can which will force you to use only one or two part of your body for support which requires an enormous amount of force to overcome the high pressure.

The second problem is the distance they have to travel in a very rough terrain full of mountains, muddy ground during rain, holes and sloppy ground, which is impossible even for a wheel aid transport.

The basic scientific concept for the development of this product is based on the fact that distributed force generates less pressure or impact than concentrated force. Instead of the standard shape of the 25 liter jerry can, Anteneh’s Jerry Can has a torus shape with the same volume as the standard jerry can. For prototyping simplicity, the shape of torus is made square with center to center length of 66cm and pipe diameter of 11cm. At two opposite sides of the pipes there are two attached lathers that are used to hold the Anetenh’s Jerry Can on your shoulder. This will reduce the pressure of the water by distributing the weight of the water and utilize all parts of our body for support. To maintain the load close to center of gravity, which is the person carrying it, the diameter of the pipe can be varied and the length of the pipe will be varied depending up on the amount of variation of the diameter based on the size model of the user. Which means for thin peoples the diameter is increased and length will be decreased and for plus size people the diameter is decreased and the length will be increased. Both lathers are attached to each other with a lather for hand grab in case two people want to transport one Anteneh’s Jerry Can.



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