Game Changer Crib for All Care Givers, Including Parents With Disabilities

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Upzeez is an innovative crib that challenges the existing baby products in the market. Our smart 3 in 1 High-Rize Baby Crib is a market disruptor and caters to a wider target audience that struggles with the conventional cribs. This includes women that have had a traumatic childbirth as well as those parents with disabilities. Having studied the market, we understand that one of the biggest complaints with the conventional crib is that the height is too low, which often results in long-term back conditions for many parents. Often women that have had a traumatic birth or C-Section find it extremely hard to move their child in and out of the crib without assistance. There have also been complaints about children’s arm or leg getting caught up in the slats.

Our ergonomically designed crib was developed with all of these pain points in mind, and with a focus to minimize back problems as well as to aid with recovery post-traumatic childbirth. Our crib is height adjustable so that new mums and people with disabilities can easily care for their child. Our solid side panels make the crib safe and the breathable mesh allows an easy flow of air, without the risk of injury.

Every year around 300,000 babies are in Australia and 60,000 in New Zealand. Approximately 34% of these births are had via C-Section, making it a target pool of 122,400 prospects. A recent study conducted by the National Rehabilitation Information Center also discovered that disabled mothers are desperately seeking modified baby care equipment that can be used at home and allows them to care for their newborn babies more easily and safely. While our product is ideal with the home setting, we plan to make it available at day care facilities as well as the ergonomic design with protecting the health of our educators.

Our product design is extremely competitive, and we are currently in discussion with a manufacturer to start the production of this product. Our focus has been to find a manufacturer that is not just competitive at a cost front but also has a positive reputation, prides itself on quality and employs sustainable production processes.

Our product is all about improving the quality of life by providing a positive and safe experience and reducing the risk of injury. Our product is patented and strictly adheres to global product safety standards - US, Canada, EU and Australia & New Zealand.


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    Chris Olufeso
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    My inspiration came from wife who suffered a traumatic childbirth, that restricted her mobility and ability to care for our newborn daughter. Like all other parents, we also bought a conventional cot for our daughter but struggled with moving her in and out of the cot. My wife, who had complications with her C-Section was told not to bend or lift our daughter to avoid the risk of tearing. My elder mother had to move in to assist us but she also struggled with back condition, which only worsened. This prompted me to create an ergonomic cot and Upzeez was born. We undertook thorough market research while designing this product. It was then that I discovered a severe void in the babycare market for mothers with physical disabilities.
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