VAYU Tower Cooler

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VAYU is a modern tower cooler designed for urban spaces. It has a compact monolithic form with carefully packed components which enables it to purify the air and even cools it efficiently through evaporative cooling. With its simple geometrical and subtle design language, it blends into the home decor without compromising on cooling.

Based on user observation, tests and product reviews, we have solved different problems related to experience using the complex interfaces, assembling of parts, materials and the lack of coherence within the range. We also focused on the way it is produced and how to optimize the manufacturing part, terning constraints into a durable and affordable approach optimizing the number of parts. A range of innovative and connected products that we had the chance to create from the first research until the final stage.

The VAYU fan offers a premium experience thanks to its 5 progressive speeds and its silent performances. It adapts perfectly to each of your moments of life. Featured with its 2 modes - Eco and Night, it offers a pleasant night experience using an impeller and DC brushless motor which reduces wind resistance and creates an efficient airflow.

Elegant Air Deflector: The way we think about the airflow is simple, it should easily distribute the pure air in the space equally maximizing the swing range.

It has a swing angle of 250 degrees hence making it easier to place anywhere in the room and still get a fresh blow of air.

Clean Layout: The layout has been carefully thought through. To make a clean layout, a neat grid was used for tidying many function buttons and the air vent grills. The vertical grilles, which should exist for safety, are located deeper than the horizontal support rings to be invisible to the user’s sight.

UI design: VAYU allows the user to display the output and function running currently. In addition, users can intuitively know the display of buttons such as oscillation, humidity, night mode and eco mode.

Humidity control: The dry room air is guided by an impeller through the HEPA filter and moist honeycomb mesh, making it clean and absorbed with water. The air is enriched with moisture in a natural way and cleaned from impurities (such as dust, pollen, pet hair and mites). The brush-less DC motor helps the humidified air spread up to 412l/s. The air coming through the aroma cartridge fills the area with the tender fragrance.

We are still in the process of developing an APP and a remote for VAYU making it easier to interact and control it from a distance.

By connecting to your VAYU Tower fan, you can:

  • Change Wind speed
  • Change Mode of the fan
  • Set the swing of the fan
  • Switch On or Off the humidifier mode of the fan
  • Check filter lifetime and order new filters
  • Remote steering and directing the flow



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    Sumeet Singh
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    Sumeet Singh
    Jatin Bamane
    Rohit Khot
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    Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks, Rhino, Blender, Keyshot
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    In the dry season, the water tank is used even 2~3 times a day to keep ideal humidity. It’s very annoying to work which is repeated every day. So we focused on improving the usability of the water tank and how people could use it more easily. When the light on the front display panel blinks, it means you have to refill water. The water can be poured from the top of the machine in one simple action, and hence resolves the problem of bending and pouring. After our research and market study, we were able to identify potential market segments in India. Our target audience lives in an urban area and is a part of a nuclear family with the purchasing capacity to buy an AC for one-third the footprint of his residential place.
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    Autodesk Fusion 360, Keyshot, Adobe suite
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