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Whatever the reason for departing one's immediate environment for an area less frequented, as a vacation or escape from unfortunate events, a truly standalone habitat is most desirable. Welcome the MOG solar boat (Marine Off Grid)tm.

Autonomous is a word that describes the Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS)tm MOG boat. Producing its own solar energy from its expandable roof array, the drive power as well as air conditioning, cooking, water (hot & cold), communications, lighting and other creature comforts all derive from the sun, in a boat that runs in 1/2 meter deep water, day and night

At just under 12 meters (40 feet), a draft of .5 meters and height of 2.5 meters the boat can loiter for months in the glades, estuaries and backwaters (even parked on land) with incomparable stealth. A bit of camouflage and its crew can disappear at will.

Although the boat seems a simple thought, the knowledge to build the craft correctly with systems integrated for efficiency, redundancy and resistant to various natural and man made effects, adds significant challenges we have overcome.

Over the years of presenting to the Create The Future Contest, we strive to let folks know about our concept prototype. There is no real cost to giving a vote for the boat, after all, you may have dreamed of such a craft in a world covered 2/3 by water, in which you could escape the maddening crowd.




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    George Mc Neir
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    Medusa, Exa, Solid Works
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    35 years on this project & Buell motorcycle racing
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    Badweb, Sportwin, C4
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    Nearly 80% of the world's population is within 100 kilometers of maritime waters. Self power generating homes, small business, and clinics are needed by an environmentally aware population for daily living or during a crisis. The MOG Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS) boat can perform that task on the water or set on land, being fully transportable by highway also.
    These shallow water self generating powered boats are able to move at displacement hull speed, furnish adequate amounts of fresh made water, while allowing access to abundant food from air, land and water.

    No Totally Electric Powered Solar boat is currently in production that can support two full time live aboard people to include fresh water, waste composting, all energy generation, heating, cooling, drive and communications as does the MOG in the United States of America.
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    Medusa 3D solids modeling
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