Novel Method for Sanitization & Sterilization Of Viruses & Other Pathogens

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It is sad that the world is in an emergency due to coronavirus. I have a solution for sanitization & sterilization of viruses & other pathogens. Technology is to use microwave/X-Ray or ultrasonic to resonate lipids/proteins in viruses and pathogens envelope and rupture it. This technology can be used against all kinds of viruses and pathogens. This method is more effective than other methods and safer than UV radiation.

Our Solution
There are at least 17 million different types of viruses on Earth. if any of these viruses are activated we can find the structure of the virus and using structural simulation software find the natural frequency of that virus and using electromagnetic radiation of that frequency we can resonate envelope of the virus and rupture it and thereby deactivate that virus without any side effects.

Chemical sterilization is cumbersome it affects other useful bio organisms as well. UV radiation is ineffective against viruses; UV kills only living organisms, and is highly dangerous to humans.

Technology is to use microwave /X-Ray or ultrasonic to resonate lipids in viruses envelope and rupture it and causing virus to eject DNA/RNA.

Hydrogen bonds and polar nature of protein make it to react with microwaves or X-ray of suitable frequency, upon absorbing microwave/X-ray of resonance frequency these proteins/lipids vibrate and heat up and thus ruptures envelope of corona virus and RNA is has left outside biological cells of human. Thus virus will not be able to populate itself and the virus will perish. This technology can be used against all kind of human/animal viruses and pathogens. You have to find out microwave/x-ray frequency that resonates with virus envelop protein only. other human body proteins should not be affected.

By using ultra sound, we can rupture the envelope of viruses and pathogens. Every protein has a resonance sound frequency. by exposing humans affected with corona virus to that natural frequency of envelop of virus, those proteins/lipids vibrate violently and ruptures itself. Thus virus will not be able to populate itself and the virus will perish. This technology can be used against all kind of viruses and pathogens. We have to make sure that the frequency selected should not be natural frequency of other important human body proteins or chemicals necessary to human body.

By using the above microwave/x-ray or ultrasound treatment we can sanitize environment within minutes. And effectively control spread of virus; since ruptured virus cannot infect humans or animals and we can thereby stop multiplication of viruses and get rid of pandemic situation very quickly even for variants of viruses since this method is quickly deployable and safe. If we can disinfect all viruses in the environment we can stop virus pandemic since virus needs host to multiply. By using this concept, we can disinfect all the viruses in environment.

We can also use magnons (magnetic wave) to resonate virus/pathogen’s envelop and rupture it. Microwave pumping can be used to excite spin waves and create additional non-equilibrium magnons which thermalize into phonons and phonons rupture envelope 


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