Anteneh's Ventilation Against COVID-19

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Ventilators are very important equipment in an indoor environment. They help us stay cool, warm and breathe filtered air. But the very devices we rely up on to keep us safe from the airborne pandemic have become a major liability because indoor air filtration system before filtering the air will help the virus move from one place to another on the process of air circulation. In an indoor café, restaurant, school or office, people sit in rows and columns separated by desks or tables. If one person sitting on the last bench has the COVID-19 virus and the air filtration inlet is on the other side of the person infected with COVID19, the ventilation system will make the COVID-19 virus found on the exhaled air of the infected person travel all over the room because of the inevitable circulation characteristics of the system. This problem has been found and reported in many indoor settings in many countries of the world during this short period of time.

I have built a new kind of ventilation system for indoors that prevents transmission of COVID through air circulation due to ventilation equipment that help us stay cool. This is done by separating the circulation process of air filtration by taking out exhaled air through a different path from the path it originally came after it is filtered by using multiple small suction hoses or pipes installed at different positions which will prevent the exhaled air from traveling from one side of the room to another spreading the COVID virus before it is filtered in the ventilation system. We install one suction pipe in each desk or table in gathering indoor places like café, restaurant, school and office. The suction pipes are connected to each other to be directed into a header. The header will be connected to an exhaust fan which will be connected to the room air filtration system. When a person sitting at a specific table breathes out, the exhaled air will be sucked into the suction pipe on that specific table preventing any chance of infection to the person sitting on the next table who is in the way of the air circulation path to the ventilation equipment.

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