Anteneh's Space Pulley Theory

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Theoretical physics

Before reading the theory know that I am basing it on three facts and assumptions listed below.

  1. In space where there is microgravity, heavy objects move around easily. For example, astronauts can move equipment weighing hundreds of pounds with their fingertips. This means the energy needed to push or pull extremely heavy objects is extremely small.
  2. Pulley systems are any combinations of pulleys and rope like elements having a single degree of freedom, implying that positions of all of the elements are unambiguously related to each other.
  3. Neglect friction, loss of mass due to friction, earth curvature and material capability limitation.

This project is a theory that will enable us transport supply from earth to space without launching a rocket or space shuttle with lower fuel consumption in the future. This is done by installing negative pulley system in a space which is attached to spacecraft. One end of the rope in the pulley system is at the surface of the earth while the other is at the space near to the spacecraft. To transport our supply to space; we attach one end of the rope found at the surface of the earth to a sealed packaged shipment and attach a space junk that has more mass than the shipment package to the other end of the rope which is found near the spacecraft. Then we direct the space junk near the earth outer atmosphere which will be pulled by gravitational force. As the space junk falls down the shipment package will be pulled up with the same rate of the falling space junk since the weight difference will overcome the gravity on the shipment. Since the pulley is connected to the spacecraft which generates enough power that will act as an anchor by pulling the pulley away from the earth gravitation in space, the pulley will not displace as a result of the tension from the two masses. This will be manageable by the spacecraft with low fuel consumption because of fact number 1 above.


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