Super Survivable Silent Micro-drone without Propellers Gyro_6DoF

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Ultra-compact integral gyroscopes with six degrees of freedom 6DoF are mass-produced and will allow high-precision weapons and equipment to do without GPS, due to autonomous inertial guidance systems of a new generation. Structurally, such a gyroscope looks like a microcircuit. Integral gyroscopes are designed to determine the parameters characterizing the movement (or position) of the object on which they are installed. But even more amazing properties have a power mechanical gyroscope with six degrees of freedom 6DoF, previously unknown to science. Forced mechanical gyroscopes can be used to stabilize and even move the objects they are mounted on.

This is the third and last of the possible types of power mechanical gyroscopes, the rotor of which rotates in a vacuum without friction around three axes per cycle. Gyro_6DoF has holographic properties and an unlimited resource since in a vacuum the surface of a coherently oscillating rotor is repelled from the stator walls, which significantly increases the "survivability" of such a device in combat conditions. If integrated 6DoF gyroscopes are already mass-produced today, then we did not consider a power mechanical gyroscope of this type. Let's look at Wikipedia and find only two types of power mechanical gyroscopes 2DoF and 3DoF, there is no power mechanical gyroscope 6DoF in the line.

Six degrees of freedom indicates the ability of the object on which the Gyro_6DoF power mechanical gyroscope is installed to perform geometric movements in three-dimensional space, namely: move forward / backward, up / down, left / right, and also perform Euler revolutions around every three mutually perpendicular axes. Moreover, for the flight, Gyro_6DoF uses part of the energy of the zero point, converting it into electrical energy. This unique design of Gyro6DoF allows you to create ultra-small silent drones that operate autonomously and under the control of an operator for an unlimited time and have maximum “survivability”. Theoretical, experimental data, computer simulation confirm the operability of the device based on Gyro_6DoF.


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