Pressure Sensing Football Socks

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I love football (soccer). Whether you call it football or soccer, the thrills and the excitement of this beautiful and mesmerizing game unite fans all around the world. Advancements in technology are made each day and it's no secret that these have been applied to various sports, and this includes soccer. Nine times out of ten, this technology has proven to be extremely helpful and has assisted match officials in making the right call.

The current high technologies that are being used in football include:

  • Goal Line Technology - will determine whether or not a goal is valid.
  • Smart Ball System - track the ball with extreme accuracy.
  • Hawkeye System - camera capturing the event at 600 frames per second.
  • Goal Ref System - will determine whether the entire ball has gone beyond the goal-line.
  • VAR - review decisions regarding penalties, red cards, mistaken identity in awarding a card, and goal decisions.

This project is about building new technology that can be used to identify if there is leg contact between two players when a player falls to determine whether the player took a dive or truly was fouled. This is done by installing contact pressure sensors in socks of each player and building a signaling device that is connected with the sensor to signal assistance referees a measured amount of contact pressure when two players are in a fatigue. This will clarify any leg contact confusions that can not be seen clearly by cameras.

Some players are very good at diving and others are very good at making fouls but it all come down to the referee because even if the referees are assisted with cameras it is sometimes very hard to be sure when a player has been fouled or if there is truly leg contact especially in the box. This mechanism adds numerical information on the amount of contact between two players in both reading of their socks.


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