Cornstarch Mini Pottery Machine

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My idea was born from the experience of seeing and buying samples of miniature pottery made of clay. Sometime later, I had the concern to learn to work this art but with recycled material and I found that in my country it is popular to do it with corn starch, only that certain rules had to be followed to obtain a good quality mixture. Finally, I am exploring this project that continually undergoes changes because I am experiencing many things. This is a machine that I use to work miniature pottery made mainly with cornstarch. This is a sustainable idea that respects nature and promotes the circular economy. This is a project focused on sustainability, and I faced the challenges shown below:

  1. Reuse and modify an old printer to place and organize the components and supplies for this project.
  2. Reuse an old cd-player motor to work and experiment with miniature pottery.
  3. Recycle organic matter such as cornstarch to create miniature pottery. To achieve this goal, I have experimented and found the amount of material necessary to obtain a good job, that is, of good quality and resistant.
  4. This work promotes the circular economy, since it proposes a completely different approach that allows stimulating economic growth and generating self-employment without compromising the environment. When this material ends its useful life, then it will be returned to nature as compost without any problem.
  5. How does it work? a) first we have to prepare the dough mix made of cornstarch, white glue, salt, water and color pigment; b) speed control is achieved by means of a potentiometer that turns the mass at a constant acceleration; c) by means of the groove mechanism we can make different grooves in the dough; and d) Finally, we can fill the grooves with dough of another color. In this way we can make different figures like the samples that I attached in an image.

CONCLUSION: This is a products that improves, and automates work, and manufacturing of mini pottery. Its possible to use this device for professional work, and even small adaptations can be made for children to learn to create pottery and show their creativity and creating geometric figures in a healthy and safe way.




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