Flash Flood Dispenser

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Flooding is impossible to avoid completely. And as extreme flood events continue to increase in number and frequency, more communities are becoming vulnerable. One of the severe flooding is flash floods. Flash floods tend to be associated with many types of storms, all capable of producing excessive rainfall amounts over a particular area, so detection remains a challenge. Sometimes a flash flood threat is overshadowed by other severe weather events happening at the same time. The main tools used to detect heavy rainfall associated with flash floods are satellite, lightning observing systems, radar, and rain gauges. But all these measures are knowledge based and expensive. Even if these warning systems are taken, they reduce the impact rather than prevent it.

This project is about building a flash flood preventive mechanism that act as an immediate line of defense prior to impact on downstream populations. This is done by building a series of flood dispensing structures that will prevent downstream populations from possible flash floods when collection of waters reaches their location. This flood dispensing structure is mainly a simple pipe installed in narrow rivers at a certain height where the height is considered too high for water rise that will lead to flash floods. This flood dispensing pipe have opening at its upper 90 degrees surfaces as shown in the rending that is used to collected the excess river water and dispense it to the sides so that the excess waters do not cumulate at downstream saving it from possible flash floods. The flood dispensing pipe can be connected to series of long pipes until desired locations so that it can also act as an immediate flash flood detection and warning system when water comes to the end of the pipes at certain location. When this flood dispensing pipes are installed per some kilometers of distance in a river where it has reputation of flash flood, it guarantee safety for loss of life, property damage and negative impact to environment.



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