Airbag Crop Field

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Hurricanes and floods are very hazardous public health impacts on grain and vegetable crops, as well as food manufacturing facilities, food warehouses, and food transporters. Specifically, crops may be affected in a variety of ways. They may be submerged in flood water, exposed to contaminants, or susceptible to mold. Some of the major concerns for crop safety are heavy metals, chemical, bacterial, and mold contamination. In many cases, it is challenging to determine what contaminants are in crops that were submerged by floodwaters. Once a flood comes it’s impossible to protect crops that are used for human and animal consumption which results in hunger.

This project is about building a new mechanism that can be an automatic preventive measure for flood which can protect crops from being exposed to the flood water. This is done by growing crops on wide airbag mattress-like structures in places where there is repeated occurrence of flood so that the airbag crop field can float when a large amount of water comes. Due to their buoyancy, airbag mattresses can certainly be used as a floatation device and by calculating the safe mass of the crop, soil and moistures, we can design appropriate airbag crop field that can float on flooding water and prevent the vegetation from being exposed to contaminants like heavy metals, chemical, bacterial, and mold contamination.

Does this solution could be practical? I do not know, I will have to build and test it, but it is certainly an interesting experiment to do.


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