Tree Mask

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I was working on figuring out a way to protect trees sited in conflict zones that have bullet holes on their stem from deadliest pathogens entering through the holes. While I was developing very practical solutions, I remembered about the Hawaii ROD fungus killing the ohia trees ( ) which is a perfect example of the problem I want to prevent. So this solution can be applied for both.

The solution I propose is making trees wear masks so that any openings or gap spaces on their stem will be filled or covered. This can be applied in different ways but the most practical solution I figured out is coating wood dust from waste wood work and other industries on each tree using a compressor to make the wood dust stick in to any openings on the tree blocking entrance of any pathogens. Before the wood dust is used it is mixed with an adhesive material so that its does not disperse when entering the tree opening easily. The wood dust from wood working industries and other manufactures that process wood are very abundant because there is huge market that have a byproduct of wood dust and they are basically remains of trees.

When a compressed wood dust mixed with adhesive material is blown in to the tree it will enter in to the opening in the outer surface of the stem of the tree because it will have a pressure from the compressor sealing the hole gap. Since all the wood dust used to seal the opening will pass through simple fungus filtration system, the tree will not be exposed to potential deadly fungus with the wood dust.

This method will be great for prevention of airborne fungi.


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