BFR • Buoyant Freshwater Resuscitators™️

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A buoy powered piezoelectrically in open waters tapping the element of an notion of eternal energy in an ocean of ever-abundant energy generation. As well our buoy is equipped with an evaporator at the base storing fresh water at the crown through a gravity filtration system. The water can be stored in barge-like strategies underwater if the sea is unbearably intense and surface as needed for offloading drinkable h²o.


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    Furaha Bryant
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    Innovative Full-time Inventor Researcher (IF IR.. then;-)
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    ¡Pencil✏Mind🧠Pondering🕳Growth🌱IA™️am: Intelligence Amplification increases amplify-cation inspired data-building gaps in scientific Ai research|tools yet patented.
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    St/Dreaming Genesis/tiConsciousness,Meditate🧘‍♀️
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    Still earning old dhow is tome/wisdom aches Smee whom eye Ham Era Ka 🌎 I am acting ensign Poly 'Crack‐cure' Mathias & i struggle to be around people/soul lieu shuns aware of draft week hone Aum me (the me) living themselves less than pure Light/💡c²🪔/God sees them. Its stuff fit 'hid' He is tough. But I'm ready in fact of act to be hideous public contrast but in my way as he did it his sway Anu anew! Please give me a chance and be my patron(s) to change single use mind physics [s]and [blast] plastics, soul loot shunts, farming global literacy, water/food heir💍abundance, plus much more inspires me to share my brokenness | brilliance with all love♡humanity. TYPE ONE🌎SPECIES is . . . cornerS...R I g h t ⚙around📐decade(s?)🪜 choose✌☮! Sri Stars The Limit Cosmos Siddhi Pilgrims!

    My design consists of 3 rotor‐wings.
    Moving balance (imbalance) is not a stagnant harmony as much as a flow state glider ready in moments notice to switch, choosing helicopter over a flow aspect ratio vs hover, drone or simply a child's toy, souvenir & new Ai! Let's create from the core out to infinite heavens pace ageless souls!
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