Max Thabiso Generator and Motor

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This invention is a new kind of electrical generator and electrical motor that redefines our basic understanding of power generation and utilization of the generated power by providing an efficient power output far more than current generators and motors design.

In this new generator and motor design there are two cylindrical windings where copper wire is coiled in to two cylindrical pipes with different diameters. The small diameter winding is placed at the center of the larger diameter winding to have same center with each other. In between the two winding there will be a magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet where the north pole is close to the larger diameter winding and the south close to the smaller diameter winding. The magnetic field is attached with a rotating revolving shaft attached to rotating disk which is fixed with a rotational shaft through a bearing. This will enable the magnetic field revolve between the two windings. The outer winding only generates positive charge and the inner winding only generates negative charge with continuous output without any interruptions because at all times the strongest magnetic field which are the poles are at smallest gap with the winding at all times of rotation of the mechanism. This will avoid alternation cycle of electric power generation. This mechanism also does not use commentator saving huge power loss because the generated power can be directly used to run any system, we want without slipring commutators.

The electric motor works in reverse way where you supply positive charge to the winding with higher diameter and negative charge to the small dimeter winding. This will make the magnetic field found between the two winding revolve rotating the disk attached to the output shaft. This will also have highest efficiency because the motor will have high starting torque and running torque since the strongest magnetic field are close to the winding at all times of rotation.

This invention has a unique design in its working principle from the current designs because it generates power on revolution of magnetic field rather than alternation rotation of the two poles of the magnetic field. It is the first fundamental improvement of the design since 1888 when Tesla developed the AC generator we have uses until this date.

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